"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison"

Ann Wigmore

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Here at Healthier You Nutrition

we offer support to a wide range of health concerns. We recognise that whatever the condition or concern, food must come first, and so we aim to bring the body, mind, spirit, and soul back to balance. The body thrives on fresh, organic, quality food, we literally are what we eat. Making our food choices a priority, ensures we are nourished, just as nature intended.

Good health and vitality are not just about diet, exercise, and fluid intake, it includes your mind, thoughts, and emotions. It is widely believed that all disease and illnesses start in your gut, but I believe it goes back 1 stage further, and starts in your thoughts, after all, what is the point in Feeding the Plant, if the Plant is not growing in the right place.

Nourishing the Soul

is just as important as Nourishing the body, everything you do should be done with an open heart and a loving soul, then you can raise your vibration and welcome in good health. The result is always the same, Health, Happiness, and Longevity.

My name is David Kirby,

I am a Nutritionist, Naturopath and I support cancer patients with Nutrition and lifestyle changes. I spent 4 years studying at CNM (college of Naturopathic Medicine), completing 3 years in nutrition and 2 years in naturopathy simultaneously, and I have also completed the systems Approach to Cancer Model with Dr Nina Fuller Shavel. I am registered with the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners), CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association) a member of BSIO (British Society for Integrative Oncology), and I hold professional liability insurance through Balens Insurance.

We are the medicine

My passion for Nutrition and Naturopathy comes from my own previous health concerns, having exhausted conventional approaches, and finally losing hope, the realisation is that the answer is within us - WE ARE THE MEDICINE

DNA molecules

My goal is to listen to my clients, empower them, educate them, and let them take back control of their lives. I will support my clients with:

  • Nutrition and fluids
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced toxic exposure
  • Supplementation
  • Detoxification
  • Functional medicine testing, amongst many others

I specialise in all aspects

of health and wellness, ranging from - weight loss, liver detox, fatigue, infertility, stress/anxiety, low mood, thyroid, musculoskeletal conditions, skin conditions, immune issues, men's health, digestive issues, sleep, headaches, women's health and hormones, prevention, vitality, and genetic testing. I cover many more conditions, as well as my specialist subject of Nutrition with Cancer, and supporting people through their cancer journey.